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The New Zealand dollar is rising with strong demand of country’s exports. Will the New Zealand dollar continue strengthening?

Expected start of reduction in ECB stimulus measures is bullish for euro. Will the euro continue the rise against the greenback?

Hot weather is forecasted for the next 2 weeks in US and temperatures will be above the average for this period of year. Will natural gas prices rise? It is used to produce electric power for air conditioners.

The pace of growth of active rig count in the US has slowed down to a minimum since November of the last year. Will Brent prices continue rising?

BMW Group increased car sales both in June 2017 and in the first half of the year, and also published a good operating report. Will the BMW stock prices grow?

Buy stop6926
Take profit7396
Return on Investment +6,8%
Overview date2016-11-28
Date of the closing position2017-03-17 and 2017-03-21

Swiss central bank is expected to maintain expansionary policy stance with data indicating falling household spending and disinflation. Will the Swiss franc continue falling?

Cold seasonal weather in Brazil and coffee rust outbreak in Honduras may negatively affect coffee supply. Will coffee prices continue rising?

The New Zealand dollar weakened on the background of continuing earthquakes in the Pacific Ocean, near the shores of New Zealand. Macroeconomic data may be additional negative factor. Will the NZDUSD continue to decline?

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) noted in its quarterly report that the hog inventory in the country has reached the maximum level in more than 50 years. Will the hog prices fall?